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Our Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Package

NAD Supplements + IV Vitamin Infusion

Are you suffering from fatigue and low energy?

Do you wish you could be more productive?

Do you wish you had more energy to do fun things such as vacation and sports or to get more work done?

Have you recently had an illness or surgery that has left you feeling weak and unable to recover?

More Energy + Healthier Cells

Were you aware that you had an energy production plant inside of our cells called mitochondria? It is where energy production occurs.

Illness, stress, age, and injury all lower your body‘s ability to produce energy. It is safe to say that all of us have some level of decreased energy production as we age. This leads to fatigue, sleepiness, lack of productivity, lack of ability to recover or rebound from stress, and often a general sense of imbalance.

Optimize Your Mitochondria

NAD Supplements

NAD is one of the most powerful anti-aging molecules currently used in medicine. This therapy can help increase your natural energy production, boost your metabolism, and even promote brain function! Energy production requires multiple steps and different types of compounds to finally produce ATP. ATP is what our cells burn for energy. Our mitochondrial rejuvenation plan combines NAD oral supplements with IV therapies to intervene at multiple points throughout the energy production process to optimize each step and lead to maximal energy output.

IV Vitamin Infusions

Our IV Vitamin Infusions can be used to boost your immune system, refresh your body, and improve recovery. IV Hydration promotes whole-body wellness and recovery. The vitamin electrolyte blend helps supply your body with vital nutrients straight into your blood stream bypassing your digestive system making the compounds directly available to your cells.

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