In many cases, the old human resources idiom,

“past performance predicts future behavior” is accurate.

Our pre-employment screening reports give you fast and easy access to the real information you need to make critical hiring decisions.

Our reports can include social security number verification, criminal histories, driving histories, education, and employment verification, drug testing, credit reports, a check of sex offender and terrorist databases, and many other components necessary to properly screen your applicant.

We will customize your account to include the specific searches your company wishes to conduct on an applicant.


Whether you are a non-profit, youth sports association, school, church, or municipality, you will find our process easy to use and very effective. Our process is designed to reduce the administrative burden associated with onboarding volunteers.

Here’s how it works:

Our reports are FCRA compliant and we can assist you if one of your applicants has a problem or question on their report.

We also have the ability to require your applicant to pay for their report by credit card which further reduces the administrative headache.

For our clients that would prefer to enter the applicant’s information directly into our site, that option is available.


We offer a variety of screening reports and services to help identify quality tenants. Purchase single reports or conveniently bundled packages without set-up fees or minimums.

Whether you are a national property management company with thousands of units or a landlord with only a few properties, we can assist you in finding the best screening solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Customize your tenant screening searches to include any of the following report components:


SSN / Address Verification

Employment Verification

Rental Verification


Eviction Search

Nationwide Criminal Search

Federal Criminal Search

Sex Offender Search

Other Reports and Screenings

Credit Report

County Criminal Check

Statewide Criminal Check

Tenant Scorecard

Quick Turn-Around Time

Most of our reports are completed within 24-48 hours. If part of your package contains instant data such as a Social Security Number–address history search, an evictions database search, etc.–it will be returned instantly.

Easy Online Report Order / Retrieval

Most of our reports are completed within 24-48 hours. If part of your package contains instant data such as a Social Security Number–address history search, an evictions database search, etc.–it will be returned instantly.

Online Form Applicant Order Entry

We can set you up with an online application where your applicants can go and enter their information for their background check. They also e-sign disclosures and authorizations for you to conduct the background check.

We provide you with a unique secure URL so you can direct your applicants to your online form.

This is a great solution for many of our clients.

Tenant Scorecard

Our optional Tenant Scorecard is a simple, powerful recommendation tool for property managers and landlords. It provides an automated means to quickly and efficiently analyze the credit, criminal, and eviction history of applicants and then generate a “pass”, “fail”, or “conditional” recommendation based on customizable.

Our system also contains letters you can use to communicate to your application regarding Conditional Approval, Approval, and Denial.


Competitive prices, our national network of collection sites, and the ability to combine the drug screen with your background check make us the easy choice.

We offer urine, oral fluid, and hair employee drug testing programs to meet all of your drug testing needs. Whether for pre-employment, random testing, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, follow-up, or DOT, First Check Applicant Screening can assist you with your drug testing program.

Our clinics are SAMSHA / NIDA certified and DOT-compliant. Turn around time is typically 24 hours for negative results and 48 hours for positive results or when reviewed by a Medical Review Officer.

When we have the results, we notify you via email that your report is available on our secure website.

Our pricing is very competitive and our personal customer service in getting your applicant to the right spot is unmatched.


Reviewing an applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is an important search for those required to operate a company or personal vehicle for business purposes. Records highlight driving history over the past 3-7 years and are available in all 50 states and Washington DC.

Our reports include all personal identifiers as well as offenses and citations.

Comply with FMCSA requirements by searching within the “Commercial Driver’s License Information System” for any prior licenses, current CDL, and up to three prior licenses held by the individual.

We can also act as your agent for searches through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). The program helps carriers make more informed hiring decisions by providing secure, electronic access to a commercial driver’s five-year crash and three-year inspection history from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). PSP records are available for commercial drivers and companies conducting pre-employment screening for the carrier industry.